Self Esteem Affirmations

If you are struggling to feel good about yourself and have little confidence, you may benefit from practising affirmations for self-esteem. Self esteem affirmations are a way to send your subconscious mind positive messages which will improve your feelings of self-worth and confidence if practised correctly. There are a lot of positive affirmations that will improve your self-esteem and a lot of different methods you can try. Affirmations are not just about thinking good thoughts. Its more about maintaining a good attitude towards your daily life and work. Sometimes, just changing a few things in your life can make your outlook seem much more positive and you will find it easier to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations. Most people spend a lot of their time thinking about the negative side of situations to such an extent that there is no room for anything good to happen

Types Of Goals You Should Be Setting

Goal-setting is a very straight-forward process once you know how to do it – and very necessary when it comes to thought manifestation. However sometimes, for most of us, once you actually need to sit down and do so, your mind just hits a blank – something that feels quite similar to what writers call "writer's block." You, better than anyone, know what your goals are

Manifestation Miracle Review

During the course of my life, there have been various curious events that have eventually lead me to research the concept of the "Law of Attraction." Personal incidents, included various events that just seemed to fit into each other like a bunch of puzzle-pieces that just happened to be part of a bigger puzzle I was consciously building - at the time

The New Thought Movement

It is generally agreed that the New Thought Philosophy originated with the ideas of Phineas Quimby, an inventor, clockmaker, mesmerist and healer who was born in 1802 in Lebanon, New Hampshire – a son of a blacksmith. Although he never coined the name "New Thought" (sometimes referred to as "Higher Thought"), he developed a belief system based on the idea that illness was a manifestation of erroneous beliefs

Are You Living Your Vision?

You are living the absolute most abundant life you can imagine! Does it mean that you are living your vision? Not necessarily ... "Why not?," you may ask. One answer is, that perhaps, you have not yet expanded your imagination enough to encompass your vision. However, its highly likely that you are getting closer and closer - especially if you see yourself as a full-fledged student of "The Law of Abundance "

The Law Of Attraction (LOA)

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is a New Thought concept that has captured the interest of many people. Today there is simply no way of not coming across personal development material making a reference to it – especially, if you are currently and actively pursuing some kind of goal or success in your life

What Is Manifestation?

When it comes to New Thought philosophy, a lot of people hear about “manifestation” and immediately recall every science fiction or horror movie they have ever seen – a ghost dramatically appearing in front of a scared teenager; or an object appearing out of nowhere, as if by magic. This leads people to ridicule the idea as soon as they hear about it

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