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The Law Of Attraction (LOA)

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is a New Thought concept that has captured the interest of many people. Today there is simply no way of not coming across personal development material making a reference to it – especially, if you are currently and actively pursuing some kind of goal or success in your life. Movies like "The Secret" (2006) and books like "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill popularised the concept even further. If you are currently doing research into what it is and whether it can help you become successful, two of the top questions that brought you to this article might be: Is the Law Of Attraction real? And how do I use the Law Of Attraction? In this article we are going to cover where the idea originated from and what the underlying principles behind it are

What Is Manifestation?

When it comes to New Thought philosophy, a lot of people hear about “manifestation” and immediately recall every science fiction or horror movie they have ever seen – a ghost dramatically appearing in front of a scared teenager; or an object appearing out of nowhere, as if by magic. This leads people to ridicule the idea as soon as they hear about it

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