My name is Jus - I am a professional blogger and Internet Marketer and I've always had a huge interest in New Thought philosophy as well as other esoterical and metaphysical subjects.

I was exposed to Napoleon Hill and other new thought authors quite early in my life and have always been very goal-focused and driven. I've always had a desire to be financially independent and have a huge respect for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs themselves.

When I was younger, I struggled with depression and started seeing the value of practising positive thinking and techniques like affirmations and visualization - although, to be honest, at the time I did not take them as seriously as I should have.

As I got older, I started seeing more and more of my goals being realized - goals that I focused on and off, when I was younger. I actually programmed myself when I was younger to achieve what I wanted to achieve. I started realizing that if I started taking New Thought ideas a bit more seriously, I might actually gain more control over my life as well as achieve my goals even quicker. And if not, at the very least, it might support the process and make it more fun...

So, I've started this site (among others) to share some of the information I came across in my own research. My hope is that you will find it helpful in your own path to achieving what you want to achieve.

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